The iPhone is the revolutionary new smart phone from Apple. Win a free iPhone. The iPhone is only available with service from AT&T. There is no Verizon iPhone, Sprint iPhone, or T-mobile iPhone. It combines the best iPod ever made with the ultimate mobile web browsing and email device. iPhone also supports Web 2.0 applications such as this iPhone Sudoku game. There will undoubtebly be many iPhone accessories, iPhone cases, chargers, and other gadgets available for sale.

iPhoneSudoku Instructions
You must place each digit, 1-9, exactly once in each column, each row, and each 3 x 3 box.
To place a number, tap the digit in the row at the bottom, then tap a square in the grid. To erase a number, tap the empty box at the far right and then the square to erase.
To begin a new game, select the difficulty level and tap "New Game."
To give up and see the solution, tap "Solve."
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Tap this box to continue...
Resuming your previous game.
Tap this box to continue.
If you would like to start a new game, tap this box and then tap the "New Game" button below.
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